Session 4: Regional integration and global value chains

Chair: Roger Albinyana, Advisory Board member, EMEA, Director of Mediterranean Regional Policies and Human Development, IEMed

On the Future of Regional Integration in the Euro-Mediterranean: How COVID-19 will Affect Global Value Chains? presented by Chahir Zaki, EMNES Country Director, Egypt, Associate Professor, FEPS, Cairo University

Discussant: Leila Baghdadi, ESSECT, University of Tunis  

Global Value Chains: Participation and Development Opportunities: Hints from the Product Space presented by Giulio Vannelli, PhD Candidate, UNITN

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Discussant: Daniel Mirza, Professor, University of Tours

Session 3: Social Protection

Chair: Raja Almarzoqi, Member of EMNES Advisory Committee and EMEA Advisory Board and Institute of Diplomatic Studies]

Social Security In Arab Countries: A Regional Comparison of the Well-Being of Older People, presented by Najat El Mekkaoui, EMNES Researcher, Professor, University Paris Dauphine

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Discussant: Marwa Biltagy, Associate Professor, Cairo University

Session 2: Digitalisation, private sector & labor markets

Chair: Maria Helena de Felipe, Advisory Board member, EMEA, President, AFAEMME

Digitalisation capacity of MSMEs in the Mediterranean: A new preparedness index presented by Yeganeh Forouheshfar, Researcher, EMEA

Discussant: Serena Sandri, German Jordanian University and EMNES 

Lives versus livelihoods: the COVID-19 pandemic and labor markets in the Arab States presented by Shireen Alazzawi, Research Fellow at Economic Research Forum and Lecturer in Economics, Santa Clara University

Discussant: Rim Mouelhi, EMNES Country Director, Tunisia, Full Professor, IHEC

Session 1: Financial Inclusion, performance & employment

Chair: Ralph Chami, Member of EMNES Advisory Committee and EMEA Advisory Board and Assistant Director IMF  

Financial inclusion in MENA and its effects on unemployment presented by Nooh Alshyab, EMNES Country Director, Jordan, and Yarmouk University 

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Discussant: Mohamed Belkhir, IMF

Financial inclusion and CAMEL-based performance in banks presented by Mais Shaaban, EMEA Research Fellow

Discussant: Moundir Lassassi*, CREAD